Factoring is a means of short-term financing that allows a cash advance to be quickly obtained by the disposal of receivables awaiting payment, which is defined as "receivables from customers".  Factoring also offers a collection management service: recovery of outstanding receivables.

The factoring system is well regulated as the parties involved sign a contract. Each is bound to respect the terms of this contract to avoid litigation.

This financing system is distinguished by its speed and streamlined formalities.

Factoring optimizes the growth of your company by facilitating your quick access to working Capital (paying your suppliers, rent, employees, and general operating expenses, etc.).


Factoring also improves debt ratios, eliminating receivables.


Factoring reduces the risk of bad debts due to insolvency.

At the early age of the company with your first billing or in the growth stage, factoring will meet an urgent need for cash.

LiqTrade has an internal procedure to informally relaunch the debtor of the invoice. Our partner Euler Hermès will take over in case of default and will proceed with the recovery of the invoice.

First of all, we must be aware that factoring involves, most of the time, an additional cost at the time of the accounting entry of the balance sheets.
However, factoring is a tax deductible expense.
The receivables assigned to the factor are shown as such on the accounting table and indicate the initial amount.
The amount corresponding to the financing commission will follow.


A short-term loan is a loan whose duration is generally less than 2 years.
As part of the business, short-term credit is mostly used to finance and balance cash flow needs.

The criteria for granting loans vary, in particular, according to the risk involved, the state of the market, the borrower’s guarantees, etc.

I am commercially bound by a customer/supplier contract that commits me to a repayment meeting the terms of the contract (term and interests of the loan).

- Communicate and Grow Your Business
- Refinance
- Opening up to international market
- Digitize and transform my business
- Financing sustainable development projects
- Acquire
- Recruit
- …


  • My CI or Passport if I’m the legal representative
  • The articles of my company
  • KBIS
  • The list of majority shareholders of detaining more than 25% of the company (UBO)
  • Corporate Bank Account IBAN

Once your profile is completed and your application submitted a conditional approval will be given in just few seconds after your application is received and processed. A few minutes later, you will receive your final loan approval and agreement.
The funds will then be available within 48 business hours on your LiqTrade/MangoPay account.


  • Ma CI ou passeport (investisseur individuel)
  • Justificatif de domicile (investisseur individuel)
  • Les statuts de ma société
  • KBIS
  • La liste des actionnaires majoritaires de plus de 25%
  • RIB de la société

Whether I am an individual, a professional or an institutional investor, I can invest in the various financing projects and receivables proposed by LiqTrade.

Once my Investor profile is created, I can transfer funds to my LiqTrade account and start investing.
The various funding projects are proposed to me on  my investor dashboard or through alerts sent to my inbox in real time. I choose (or not) to invest in the project and determine the amount I wish to invest.

The interest earned on each investment transaction is automatically transferred to my LiqTrade MangoPay account. You can withdraw your money anytime or reinvest them on the LiqTrade platform. 

LiqTrade offers both secured and unsecured investments. Nevertheless there is a potential risk of default on both receivables finance and short term loans contracts.